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I’d have to say that this dental office is the one that I’ll be going to for the rest of my life. I am a big chicken when it comes to having to open my mouth for dental work. After dealing with weeks of pain on my back teeth, I was refered by a friend at work to come and see Dr. Duong at this dental office. He took care of my problem with painless root canal procedure. Dr. Duong is great, i must say, he’s funny, knowledgeable, listen to my problem, he explained to me what i had and gave me treatment options and he made sure that I understannd and know exactly my choices. The office staff is excellent, everyone made me feel very comfortable, even when I was in the dental chair. I can’t even believe it myself. I highly recommend this dental office.

Ai D.

Summary: Don’t let the façade fool you, the folks at TNT Dental are excellent. I typically don’t write reviews, and the very few times I have it’s because I try to help others from getting screwed. This is not that type of review, although it might help you avoid other subpar dentists. I moved to Watertown close to two years ago and tried to pick out a dentist (not TNT Dental) based primarily on how nice the building was and what the hours of operation were. That was a mistake, I found that although the hygienist was good, the dentist was not (told me I had multiple cavities when I had none in my life, didn’t spend much time getting to know me or my situation, clearly was trying to oversell me things I didn’t really need like fluoride/teeth cleaning, etc.). Somewhat reluctantly I made an appointment for the fillings there but thanks to online reviews found that others had similar situations and I decided to get a second opinion first. This is where TNT Dental comes into the picture.

At the time my girlfriend found TNT Dental and said the dentists were great. I was a little hesitant because I’m not a fan of the New England old houses converted into businesses (or apartments – but that’s another rant about Boston’s terrible housing). However, I went anyway and I’m very glad I did.

The folks at TNT Dental are very friendly, warm, and just plain good dentists. TNT dental is primarily run and operated by a wife & husband team (both dentists) which makes the place feel much like a family and not a business. In the waiting room there was almost no one which I thought was strange, because any great dentist should have it packed at all times. In retrospect, this is very likely because Watertown is full of dentists and the façade is not the nicest (sort of seems sketchy). However, from my experience I can tell you these folks are legit and the service is excellent. The equipment is modern, although it’s a little funny getting your teeth cleaned/fixed in what I imagine was probably someone’s old house, it kind of grows on you. However, all the important things are there (good dentists, decent equipment, etc.).

When they double checked to see if I in fact had 4 cavities they found only one actual cavity (which was actually pretty bad, and in a terrible spot on the side and back of my wisdom tooth). I figured the wisdom tooth would probably have to get removed but Dr. Duong was able to fill it. I can tell you it was pretty amazingly he was able to do that given how hard it is to get a pair of hands back there (e.g. that’s why I have the cavity in the first place — because I can’t reach with my toothbrush). Anyway, I was a little skittish given that this was my first cavity but Dr. Duong was able to make me feel at ease. This was in part because I felt they were experienced and would take the time to do a good job but also because they both have a good sense of humor that made me feel comfortable. Every experience since I’ve had similar excellent service.

So if you’re like me and you just moved to the Watertown/Newton area I would highly recommend looking past the building and giving these dentists a shot.

* At the time I’m writing this there is nothing but 5 star ratings for these folks, and I can tell you that it is no coincidence, they work hard and treat you well. Since I believe in treating others like I’m treated that’s why I’m writing this (long) but highly enthusiastic review in the first place — in order to pay it forward. Great job TNT Dental, keep it up!

Ian M.

Dr. Duong gave up his lunch in order to treat me for an emergency root canal, despite the fact that I had never been to his office before and that I called him at 9 o’clock in the morning on the day of. Because my insurance didn’t cover the cost, he offered me an extremely generous discount (though he earned every penny of what he originally charged!) and provided me with a payment-plan option. Since my first visit, I have been seen by Dr. Lai as well and I don’t hesitate to say that these are two of the most professional, considerate, and kind-hearted people around, on top of being excellent dentists. Although I now have insurance that covers visits to a number of dentists throughout Boston, I am happier paying out of pocket to see Dr. Duong and Dr. Lai. I don’t write a lot of Yelp reviews– and I never imagined I’d write one for a dentists office— but the fact is these guys deserve it!

Darrell P.

Dr. Duong and Dr. Lai have been our family’s dentist for several years now. We cannot say enough how wonderful they are! Professional, skillful, thorough, gentle, efficient, kind, caring are just a few ways to describe them. We have recommended them to all our family and friends!

Maureen D.

I have been going to TNT for over five years. The staff is so friendly and really care about your dental needs. My overall dental heath has increased significantly since visiting their office. Thanks.

Brian P.

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If you are happy with your experience with us during your visit, we would love to hear from you!

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